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newbie to group

Name: Katrina
WA locale: Pullman
RENT fan since: right before the movie, I got a copy of the musical soundtrack
Why you like RENT: because it's real, it deals with real life issues, and as an added bouns, Adam is cute :)
Favorite RENT character: Rodger
Favorite RENT cast member: Adam
Favorite RENT song/lyric: I really love What You own and La Vie Boheme
Ever seen RENT live? going to in May when it comes ti Spokane!
Looking forward to the movie? yep, saw in theatres, got it on DVD
Anything to add? nope
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As we draw ever closer (omg Rent comes out tomorrow!!!) I have but one question:
Anybody in Spokane want to meet up for a viewing?

Comment here if anyone cares. XD


Name: Lynne. I go by Lydia too.
WA locale: Burien/White Center/Highline, twenty minutes south of downtown Seattle.
RENT fan since: Mmm. February, I think. I'd just become a rabid Broadway fan the summer before, and placed holds on all these shows at the library, right? And of course, RENT took eight months to get to me. But it was well worth the wait. Definitely.
Why you like RENT: The passion behind it, the catchy, awesome music, and the amazing performances.
Favorite RENT character: Mark. He's a nerd. It's awesome. In the trailer, we have the same glasses. :)
Favorite RENT cast member: I'm a total Idina fangirl.
Favorite RENT song/lyric: "ONE BLAZE OF GLORY! TIME FLIES - TIME DIES!" and "Is anyone IN the mainstream?" But my favorite number is "Over the Moon."
Ever seen RENT live?: Oh God I wish.
Looking forward to the movie?: OMG YOU BET I AM!!!! *screaming fangirl fit* Does anyone know what it's gonna be rated?
Anything to add?: community pimpage: theatre_seattle. It's not my community, but I'm in it, so yeah. :)

One of my summer projects is to make a scarf like Mark's. :)

We should organize a group to go see RENT when it comes out. That would be cool. K peace out everybody.

- Lynne
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RENT Icon request

I was wondering If I could request an icon. I want a Roger/Mimi Icon with part of "Your Eyes" lyrics on it. The lyrics I would want is some part of:
"I find I cant hide from your eyes, the ones that took me by surprise the night you came into my life."
I know that WHOLE thing can't fit, but any part of that would work. I don't have a way to make movie icons. But I know there are some very brilliant people here with many talents to come up with things. If anyone could make it I would be soo happy since I love the song and it works with me for the time right now. Any picture or clip with any part of that song would work, i'll be happy:-D
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Name: Nori

WA locale: Spokane >.<

RENT fan since: I heard "Seasons of Love" in a variety show when I was about eight. I didn't get to see the musical until I was about 14, but I feel in love. XD

Why you like RENT:This is nerdy, but I'm also a HUGE fan of La Boheme, the opera that RENT is based on. I think it's wonderful to take something so classic and make it accessible to a different generation. Because I know it's not everybody's thing to listen to a bunch of middle aged men and women caterwaul in Italian for hours. :P

Favorite RENT character: Angel. Angel or Mark. no idea why, they just draw my attention

Favorite RENT cast member: Idina Menzel! Wicked all the way!!!

Favorite RENT song/lyric: "To days of inspiration/playinghooky/making something out of nothing/the need to express/to communicate/to going against the grain/going insane/going maaaaad."

Ever seen RENT live? Once when it came to the Opera House. It needs to come again. Right now!

Looking forward to the movie? SO MUCH

Anything to add? The entire song "La Vie Boheme" has great significance to me and my friends. Mainly because we sing it all the time. It also reminds me of a close friend who died this past winter. So yes. "La Vie Boheme." ^.^

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Name: Tara
WA locale: Bonney Lake in summer, Seattle during school (I'm a student at UW)
RENT fan since: 2000
Why you like RENT: Too many reasons, it's just amazing
Favorite RENT character: I like them all for different reasons, I seriously can't think of one
Favorite RENT cast member: Same as above, and I'm not as well educated about the casts as I'd wish.
Favorite RENT song/lyric: Another Day, Christmas Bells, Take Me or Leave Me
Ever seen RENT live? Twice in Seattle, Once in Tacoma, Once in New York
Looking forward to the movie? I'll be first in line!
Anything to add? My mom introduced to me to RENT, she loves it more than I do (and has seen it more times!). It's one of the special things the two of us share together.
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Rent-by pocky_slash

Obligatory Intro Post (cause I am a good little fangirl...)

Name: Chance
WA locale: Everett (yes, pity me) but I've lived everywhere from Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Edmonds, Shoreline and in between. I'm well travelled, I've just never been anywhere ;)
RENT fan since: Erm, 1999 I think?
Why you like RENT: Because it grabs me and won't let go. It helps make me feel alive and to realize there's more out there than living day to day. Because the music kicks ass and I love all the characters. Because it simply is RENT.
Favorite RENT character: Mark
Favorite RENT cast member: Hard one, its between Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal
Favorite RENT song/lyric: Traditional one: "I don't own emotion, I rent" and Delivered one: "The fire's out anyway..." from the OBC Recording.
Ever seen RENT live? Yep, past two times its come to Seattle. It needs to come more <g>
Looking forward to the movie? Absolutely, I may not sleep the week before it opening.
Anything to add? Thanks for creating the comm!
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(no subject)

Name: Kayla
WA locale: Spokane (oooh Inland Northwest >.<)
RENT fan since: I got a little into it during summer when I was 12 or so, but got more into it about a year ago or so.
Why you like RENT: The songs, the story, the engergy.
Favorite RENT character: Mark, Roger and Angel.
Favorite RENT cast member: Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (I love their voices!!)
Favorite RENT song/lyric: hmmm "They say I have the best ass below fourteenth street, is it true?" and "On another empty life, time flies and then no need to endure anymore tiem dies." One Song Glory - my fav. song.
Ever seen RENT live?: Not yet... keyword - 'yet'.
Looking forward to the movie? Yes, as close as i'm going to get in the next few years.
Anything to add?: I love RENT, all there is to it!

I'm 15 and moved to Washington just before 8th grade. Thursday is my last day of being a Sophmore and i'll finally be a Junior. I've watched the trailer for RENT over and over and over and still can't believe it!! I can't wait:-D I already have 11.11.05 planned out. I'm going to skip that whole day of school if it is a school day, and go to the theatre and watch it EVERY showing I can. Since its rated R i'll have to keep watching for other people to buy my ticket for me.. but still. The scary thing is that my mom knows how much this means to me, and is okay with me skipping school to go see it! It's been more than obvious the past year my love for RENT!
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