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then why choose fear?

Name: Toni
WA locale: the Grays Harbor area. Sadly, pretty much only people who live here know where that is.
RENT fan since: about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, I fall hard & fast.
Why you like RENT: Great music, great message, great cast.
Favorite RENT character: Mimi & Maureen
Favorite RENT cast member: Idina Menzel
Favorite RENT song: La Vie Boheme, Light My Candle, One Song Glory
Ever seen RENT live? Not yet, but someday
Looking forward to the movie? YES.
Anything to add? "I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs..."
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I know I've heard of Grays Harbor. About where is it? Near Seattle at all?
I'm so terrible at geography, which is really sad... hmm. Well my town is about 45 mins from Olympia and a bit further from Tacoma... I'm not sure how far we are from Seattle but it's quite a ways cuz I've never been there except while travelling.