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Name: Lynne. I go by Lydia too.
WA locale: Burien/White Center/Highline, twenty minutes south of downtown Seattle.
RENT fan since: Mmm. February, I think. I'd just become a rabid Broadway fan the summer before, and placed holds on all these shows at the library, right? And of course, RENT took eight months to get to me. But it was well worth the wait. Definitely.
Why you like RENT: The passion behind it, the catchy, awesome music, and the amazing performances.
Favorite RENT character: Mark. He's a nerd. It's awesome. In the trailer, we have the same glasses. :)
Favorite RENT cast member: I'm a total Idina fangirl.
Favorite RENT song/lyric: "ONE BLAZE OF GLORY! TIME FLIES - TIME DIES!" and "Is anyone IN the mainstream?" But my favorite number is "Over the Moon."
Ever seen RENT live?: Oh God I wish.
Looking forward to the movie?: OMG YOU BET I AM!!!! *screaming fangirl fit* Does anyone know what it's gonna be rated?
Anything to add?: community pimpage: theatre_seattle. It's not my community, but I'm in it, so yeah. :)

One of my summer projects is to make a scarf like Mark's. :)

We should organize a group to go see RENT when it comes out. That would be cool. K peace out everybody.

- Lynne
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